The topping options are endless; good old lemon & sugar, golden syrup, chocolate & banana, or maybe you prefer a cheeky savoury filling - we won’t judge you! But how do you make the perfect pancake every time? We caught up with patisserie queen Claire Clark to find out how to become a pancake pro!

Make sure you have a good pancake pan, it needs to be a non-stick shallow pan, you can buy a Teflon coated one and the pancakes will just slide off.  

If you don’t want to buy a new pan then make sure it’s an old pan that is well seasoned so the pancakes don’t stick. I use my mother’s pancake pan as she only uses it once a year for pancakes and they NEVER stick.

Prepare the pancake batter at least an hour before you need it so that it can rest.  Resting the batter allows it to relax which means it will flow better when pouring it into the pan making a lighter less stodgy pancake.  

Make sure the pan is the correct temperature, hot but not smoking.  You want it to cook quickly. Use a little oil on a piece of kitchen paper and wipe it over the pan. When the pan is hot pour in the batter and roll around quickly, making sure it is even.

If you have a lot of pancakes to make, make them in advance and reheat them.  Stack them between sheets of silicone paper and wrap in cling film.  All you have to do for service is warm them in the microwave. Job done!

Involve your friends and family, making pancakes is supposed to be fun. Flipping them can be hilarious. It takes a few goes to get it right but don’t throw away the ones that break whilst flipping, they are chefs' treats. Not that I have many that go wrong but when I do, I put them together in bowl then top with ice cream and salted caramel sauce (when no one’s looking, obviously!).

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