We want to celebrate International Women's Day by showcasing just some of the amazing women-led businesses that will be joining us over the summer. From reusable bamboo cutlery to boozy cocktail sorbets, these fab women are showing us us empowerment at its very best.

Pimentae - Alice and Wynter

Alice and Wynter created Pimentae to try to reinvent the way we think about Tequila; less about forgetting those nights spent in its company, and more about enjoying its beauty! They craft bar quality cocktails to offer allure and adventure, whilst celebrating the intricacies and complexity of the spirit. Wrapped in bespoke artwork, their bottles tell the story of our brand, its Mexican heritage and the ingredients. 

Miall's - Hannah Miall

Sussex and Surrey based frozen cocktail maker, Hannah Mialls, started creating alcoholic sorbets from her home aged just 22. Hannah bought an ice cream maker back in 2017 and hasn’t looked back, creating sorbets with a punch and taking them to markets all around the Sussex area. 

My Reusables - Caroline Smith

My reusables have sustainable living at the heart, with Caroline making and sourcing a range of products from repurposed fabrics, such as bags, make-up remover pads, bowl covers and napkins (named scrapkins) to name a few. The bamboo cutlery and straws she sources are made by a social enterprise on the island of Lombok, Indonesia called Gumi Bamboo that she stumbled across while travelling. They help women get out of the stone mining trade and instead help them work in a safer environment making earth-friendly products. 

Soralina - Soral Chavda

Soralina Cocktails is an events and mixology company based around combining food and science to create unique flavours and experiences. Based in the UK, they focus on creating memorable mobile bar experiences as well as seasonal cocktail kits for home delivery. They grow their own herbs and botanicals in their home gardens and use home kitchens to brew and infuse syrups and alcohols.

Agosti Gelato - Heather Bateson

Heather Bateson creates homemade gelato inspired by her Italian heritage in her homework of Cookham, Buckinghamshire. As well as the deliciousness of their frozen creations, the ethical sourcing of their ingredients is of great importance too, as is their focus on minimizing the impact of the business on the environment. The milk and cream come from a small herd of Guernsey cows on a family farm in the Chiltern Hills, just a few miles from their Gelato “Lab” and, in season, the fruit, herbs and flowers they use are locally sourced, including from their own garden! 

Cotswold Drinks Co. - Kathryn Tobin

Kathryn created Cotswold Drinks Co to produce handcrafted flavoured spirits from the Cotswolds. Kathryn also supplies cocktail recipes on their website to allow everyone to become their very own at home bartender! Each bottle ‘unleashes your inner spirit’ and‘ features beautiful bespoke artwork from Monika Nowak too. 

Curiosi-Tea Jewellery Design - Hayley Tea 

Totally unique, hallmarked silver jewellery, inspired by nature's shapes and colours. Hayley offers completely customizable bespoke jewellery, with most inspired by the blues of the ocean and her love for beaches. 

Being - Josie Ayles

Being lifestyle make vegan and cruelty free candles and diffusers, made using coconut and rapeseed waxes. All made and tested in Josie’s home, she curates a range of original scents from honey & tobacco to pear & freesia. 

Veg Life Eats - Rhian Caffull

Winner of 'Innovative business of the year 2022', Veg life was created by Rhiann, otherwise known as the “Willy Wonka of Veggie Food!”. She produces plant-based artisan creations from the veggie Scotch Egg (that resembles its traditional counterpart in appearance, texture and taste) to internationally inspired supper clubs and private catering. Veg Life was born out of the pandemic after Rhiann was made redundant from her dream job in 2020 and started to explore the culinary world from her parents kitchen in Worcestershire. 

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