Last year Greene King launched a new generation at the brewery and introduced two new permanent craft beers to their portfolio, Flint Eye and Level Head.

Backed with 200 years of brewing experience, the new craft beers are inspired by myths and legends from Bury St Edmunds, where Greene King has been brewing for over two centuries.

Flint Eye and Level Head celebrate Britain’s wild flavours and eccentric past, but are very much designed for the modern drinker. The craft beers will be available at all Pub in the Park locations this summer, so why not hear the tales behind these beers that have been centuries in the making.

Level Head

Level Head is a perfectly executed, unfiltered, 4% session IPA with a hoppy aroma, but there is more to this beer thank you first think.

The name ‘Level Head’ is a nod to the legend of St Edmund, original Patron Saint of England and King of East Anglia, who Greene King’s Brewery hometown of Bury St Edmunds takes its name from.

The legend of St Edmund tells of the brave King Edmund who was killed by Danish invaders on 20 November 869. The story goes that after being tied to a tree and shot full of arrows, he was then beheaded. The king's body was found, but his head was missing. His supporters heard a wolf call to them, and they found him guarding the king's head, which was then reunited with his body and by a miracle, reattached. That’s why when having a pint of Level Head, it is advised to keep it steady (just like Eddie).

Flint Eye

The story behind the 4.5% dry-hopped lager, Flint Eye, can be found in the East Anglian soil, that is known to be rich with relics of the past. The crisp lager pays tribute to the Neolithic master craftsmen, whose razor sharp, flint-tipped arrowheads are still found in farmers’ fields today, in and around the brewery’s native Bury St Edmunds. So, now when you grab a pint of Flint Eye you can safely say you now know its roots.  


Level Head and Flint Eye will both be available at all Greene King bars this summer at Pub in the Park locations, so come and see the legends of these beers come to life.

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