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Beloved ABBA tribute act, Bjorn Again originated in Australia and has amassed over 5,300 shows in 72 countries in 32 years. (That’s a lot of diamantes and flairs). They've received recognition from Bjorn himself and I got to sit down and quiz them on their pre gig food rituals, go-to dinner party dish and favourite local hangout. Catch them at Bath Pub in the Park on June 17th! 

1. Do you have any pre gig food rituals?

We enjoy making our own smörgås (open-faced sandwiches) which involves a slice of bread Tunnbröd (thin bread) or Knäckebröd (crisp bread) and pålägg (toppings) including a lagom (lashing) of butter / Cured salmon and mustard, maybe some vegetarian meatball, thinly sliced vegetables / fruit and pickles, Dill marinated  cucumber, herb butter plus sliced egg, pickled beetroot, mayonnaise, small prawns and dill. The sandwiches sometimes end up being very tall so great skill is required to balance it all before you shove it in your mouth. Kladdkaka for dessert (Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake)  all washed down with plenty of aquavit and schnapps (depending on what stage time is).     

2. What would be your dream final meal?

Köttbullar – Meatballs made of ground pork and beef or a vegetarian alternative, cream, egg and onion, served with creamy mashed potatoes, a thick, brown gravy, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber. Similar to what many people might eat after a hard day's furniture shopping.

3. What is your go-to dish when hosting a dinner party?

Meat pies (beef or if you’re feeling particularly Aussie, minced kangaroo or pulled Emu!) in gravy and a dollop of tomato ketchup with mashed potato and a side of Vegemite coated Witchetty Grub (Aboriginal delicacy). For dessert - Lamingtons - sponge cake cubes dipped in chocolate or raspberry sauce covered in desiccated coconut- and a few Tinnies of (vitamin F) Fosters beer. Björn Again is from Australia as you may have gathered. (Only pretending to be Swedish!).

4. What's your local and why?

Living in Highgate North London, the best place to have a great meal whilst sitting alongside celebrities like Kate Moss, Jude Law and Liam Gallagher is at the award winning Gastropub - The Red Lion and Sun. It’s owned by New Zealander Heath Ball who for some reason occasionally lets us Australians in (as long as we don't try to order meat pies and Fosters.)

5. What would you challenge Tom Kerridge at in a cook off? 

We wonder if Mr Kerridge could handle making an authentic Fiskbullar (fish balls) Made from completely puréed fish (often cod), milk and potato flour, these fishy balls are then boiled and served with cream and dill, either with pasta or with boiled potatoes. The question is who will have the biggest…saucepan.

6. If you had to eat one cuisine every day for the next month, what would it be?

129 Million Japanese people would most likely agree. It has to be assorted Sashimi and hand rolled sushi with soy sauce and wasabi dip, pickled ginger and a side of salted edamame soy beans.

By Tiffany Black

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