Out-There Artisan

Festival Area: Artisan Market
Category: Alcohol, Soft Drinks

Out-there Artisan is a mobile bar unit based in the East Neuk of Fife where I combine a love for the outdoors and a fascination with creating great drinks with a passion and care for the future world we live in.

We celebrate the natural produce the country has to offer using seasonal harvests that we sustainably forage locally throughout the seasons to create all of our drinks. We hope to inspire curiosity within others to see what nature has to offer whilst having a positive impact on the environment.

Out-there Artisan put’s a lot of thought, time and love into the wildcrafted beverages that we create. We spend our time carefully developing recipes with our homemade cordial’s and syrups while working with fellows Artisan’s that produce small batch alcohol with a like-minded approach to original drinks. Out-there Artisan travels the UK attending events, festivals and country shows providing an alternative to the run of the mill outdoor drinks unit providing cocktails, soft drinks and small batch beverages.

Out-there Artisan hopes to encourage you to think outside the box, get outdoors and experience something a little different.

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