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RayGray Snacks are delighted to introduce you to the first ever snack range from the two Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge.

Tom Kerridge’s Hot Flashed Pork Crunch.

Handcooked and made from 100% British pork rind, the range includes flavours such as British Sea Salt,

Pickled Green Chilli,Oak Smoked Paprika and Sage & Onion.

Working closely with RayGray, Tom has built on classic tastes that everybody loves: smoky, salty and pickled,

to create this fantastic range that is perfect for snacking whilst on a low carbohydrate diet.

Graham Jebb, Managing Director of RayGray Snacks, comments “Here at RayGray Snacks we have all enjoyed working with Tom

to develop and produce his new range of pork crunch. We’re keen to show that even on a diet you

can still enjoy a porky pub snack that’s low in carbs and high in protein.”

Tom Kerridge’s Hot-Flashed Pork Crunch uses rind from the pig’s back rather than the shank which makes it naturally low

in fat compared to standard pork scratchings. It is then ‘hot-flashed’ at high temperature to

give a light, fluffy texture before being seasoned to Tom’s recipes.

The result is a snack that is much ‘cleaner’ than most pork snacks, with comparatively low levels of fat, carbohydrate and salt.

Tom Kerridge’s Pork Crunch also has a very high protein content, which makes it the perfect snack
for a low carbohydrate, high protein diet.

Tom himself lost an incredible 11 stone on a high protein/low carbohydrate diet, so he is delighted that this range will help others

looking to lower their carbohydrate intake whilst still being able to enjoy a tasty snack.

The rind for Tom’s Pork Crunch has been sourced from British pork, free-range and reared
to the highest welfare standards,

“British pig farming and animal husbandry are incredibly important andthe highest levels of care are reflected

in the excellence of this finished product.” - Tom Kerridge

Proudly made for Tom Kerridge in Rugeley, England

RayGray Snacks Ltd.

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