Photo of Jamie Halsall

Jamie Halsall was born in Southport but grew up in Somerset and has worked in kitchens  ever since leaving school. After first learning the ropes during his apprenticeship at The  Willow Tree in Taunton, he made his way to London to further his training. Working his way  up in prestigious kitchens at Launceston Place and Ducasse, Jamie then worked closely with  Steve Groves at Roux Parliament Square who taught him the beautiful simplicity of classical  French techniques - the butters, creams and old-school sauces which can elevate modern  dishes to a new level. 

Building on that experience, Jamie's love of food has always been driven by seasonality of  ingredients and this has been the backbone of every Cin Cin menu since first working with  David in 2014. Starting with the produce coming into season that month, Jamie's menus  make use of the best British fresh ingredients as the starting point for modern Italian dishes  at Cin Cin. Handmade pasta has always been a passion for Jamie and years of research,  testing and development at Cin Cin culminated in a Michelin Bib Gourmand for the Brighton  and Hove restaurants which has been held since 2018.  

Not one to chase accolades and awards, Jamie has quietly gone about building the brand  with David Toscano by focusing on consistency and making sure every customer who  experiences his dishes at Cin Cin wants to return for more. With the opening of their first Cin  Cin in Fitzrovia, London - Jamie’s take on modern Italian dishes underpinned by classical  methods have created a loyal following in the capital. 


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