Photo of Nieves Barragan

Nieves Barragán Mohacho grew up in Bilbao in the Basque region of Spain. She was introduced to the importance of well-sourced and seasonal cooking from a young age.


She learnt the basic cooking techniques and food prep to keep her busy while her mother looked after Nieves’ grandmother. Her skills developed from peeling potatoes and checking stocks and soups to cooking the family meal. Nieves uses her Basque background of strong culinary traditions to develop her own style as a professional chef.


After nine years, Nieves announced that she (along with business partner José Etura) would be leaving the Barrafina group to pursue opening her own restaurant. With financial backing from the Sethi family, she and José launched Sabor in Heddon Street in October 2017. Sabor received its first star in the Michelin Guide 2019.


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