Small Beer Brew Co

Festival Area: Artisan Market
Category: Alcohol

Small Beer Brew Co. is the world’s first dedicated ‘small beer’ brewery. We have completely re-invented the brewing process from start to finish, putting low ABV beer at the forefront of production, without compromising on flavour. Our slogan, ‘Small Beer, Big Taste’.

The founders, ex-Sipsmith duo James Grundy and Felix James, are determined to transform the way we consume and think about beer, having reinvigorated the tradition of small beer from the 18th century.

Brewed in the heart of South Bermondsey, sustainability is at the forefront of the brewing process, having greatly reduced the amount of water used to brew our beer and being the first of our kind to enact a ‘Dry Floor Policy’.

Small Beer. Big Taste. Sustainably Brewed.

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