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Traditionally known as ‘Golden Milk’, Great Taste award- winning SugaVida Turmeric Lattes are naturally sweet, delicately spiced and bursting with remarkable health benefits.

When combined with any type of milk or water, these remarkable blends make the perfect alternative to coffee or a wonderfully soothing bedtime drink you can literally feel doing you good.

Each serving will provide you with over 1g of the highest quality organic turmeric, recommended daily for optimum wellbeing. SugaVida’s Turmeric Latte combines this wonder spice with black pepper, cinnamon and our nutritious palmyra blossom nectar to boost the bioavailability of its active compound curcumin.

Available in 3 delicious varieties; Original, Cardamom & Spicy Ginger, unleash the healing powers of turmeric!

“A wonderful tasting alternative to coffee which helps stabalise my sugar levels. I had a great nights sleep again last night after drinking it hot in milk before bed” Anna D

“These are warming drinks and the health benefits are incredible. Everybody is commenting on how well I’m starting to look and I really can feel the internal benefits taking place in my body” - Eileen S

“I really enjoy the Cardamom Turmeric Latte. Since I started having just one drink per day I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my arthritic knee. These drinks are helping me to stay active, I’m looking forward to trying the others ” Kay M

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