Jose Cuervo

Festival Area: Bar
Category: Alcohol

Jose Cuervo is the number one selling tequila in the world. The history of JOSE CUERVO began in 1758, the year in which Jose Antonio de Cuervo obtained a parcel of land in Jalisco, Tequila in order to cultivate and harvest the blue agave plant. This singular event marked the birth of the tequila category. The company has remained family owned for over 250 years, and today is run by the 11th generation of the Cuervo family.

BOODLES® is a proper British gin. Every batch is made with labour and patience. It begins as a clean spirit distilled from British wheat and is then infused with traditional herbs and spices including nutmeg, sage and rosemary. These ingredients add a mellow but herbal quality to BOODLES, which balances out the essential piney notes from juniper.

The KRAKEN® BLACK SPICED RUM is named for a legendary sea monster. Known for its deadly tentacles, razor sharp teeth and insatiable appetite, the Kraken was rumored to have attacked a ship in the Caribbean Islands carrying spiced rum. Strong, rich and smooth, the black color takes its hue from the mysterious ink with which, as legend has it, the Kraken covered its prey. Release the Kraken!

Tin Cup was an old mining town set on the western side of the Rockies named after the old cups the miners would drink from. The name TINCUP® American Whiskey and the cap on the bottle are both nods to this piece of Colorado history.TINCUP is a blend of two great American whiskeys, each aged in #3 charred oak barrels. “High rye” bourbon, distilled and aged in Indiana, is blended with a small amount of Colorado single malt whiskey. These whiskeys are then cut with Rocky Mountain water.

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