We are one of the most sustainable, renewable, and ethically and ecological products you can buy. As a business we are carbon negative - we have planted 500 trees in 2022 (This is 100x more than our carbon usage including shipping) and we are now part of OneTribe, where 17p per sale goes to protect pristine rain forest (10m2 per sale). Coconut shells are waste, invariably burnt, so the process of upcycling the shells into practical bowls not only reduces carbon emissions, but the farming communities are also getting a secondary income, the families are employed in the process of turning the shells into beautiful bowls. Climate change impacts all of us no matter where we live - it is a global problem so by buying these products you are making a positive impact on global emissions.

Mike, the owner of Love Coco, has visited Southeast Asia every winter for the past 8 years. During these regular visits Mike discovered that there are so many coconut biproducts being produced, the shells left empty, causing massive atmosphere pollution caused by the burning of empty coconut shells. He met a supplier who is saving these shells and hand crafting them into attractive, natural coconut bowls which give such pleasure to eat from. Mike realised the potential for these coconut bowls and therefore Love Coco was born – to emphasise the sustainable and natural living. Mike has been hooked ever since and now eats most of his meals out of a Love Coco Bowl.


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