Gemma Wade

Gemma started teaching people to cook when she was living in Silicon Valley. Now she travels between California and Cheshire teaching busy families how to get delicious food on the table without drama. Her award-winning cooking classes and meal plan service help thousands of people cook from scratch, enjoy the process, try new things, grow in confidence and love the results, no matter how busy life gets.

Everything Gemma does comes from the reality of cooking in a home kitchen with children underfoot (she is mum to two small boys) and the rest of life being juggled around it. Over the years of teaching people to cook, she has developed a range of recipes and tricks that work for hectic mid-week dinners as well as for more relaxed weekend eating with friends.

The recipes Gemma shares look and taste amazing, but they rarely take more than 30 minutes of hands-on work. Because she knows that’s about as long as many of us can manage. She’s a big believer in the power of meal planning and also the importance of one family, one meal – not only as a way of cutting stress but also as a way of saving money and avoiding food waste. Because of this, she created a family meal planning service which provides monthly meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to hundreds of families throughout the world.

Gemma won Food Blogger of the Year in 2018, talks about food on Vanessa Feltz’s BBC breakfast show and writes for magazines and newspapers. She is writing her first cookbook.

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