We're Only With Love. Based near Lewes in East Sussex and founded in 2020 during the heart of lockdown, we're the wellbeing brewery. We’re on a mission to revive 200 community venues across the UK over the next 10 years.

We work with councils, clubs, landlords and locals to turn hard-up and under-loved public spaces into magical, family-friendly hangouts that serve great food and drink from breakfast till closing time. 

We call them Brewcafes - cafes by day, pubs by night and every one of them a warm and welcoming place for dog walkers, school-runners, nursery groups, budding musicians, footballers, knitters, supper clubs, book clubs, film clubs, joggers, crafters and more.

Our Brewcafes are fueled by our award-winning range of feelgood, low and no alcohol beers, kombuchas and sodas. We sell them online and in pubs, restaurants and (very soon!) supermarkets - and we use the profits to reinvest in local community venues that need a little love.

So, drinking our stuff makes a real difference. It’s togetherness on tap: every brew you buy is another brick in a Brewcafe, bringing love and good energy to our communities.

(PS: if you’d like a BrewCafe in your neck of the woods, just give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do.)


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